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The year 2013 marked the 20th Anniversary of Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) production and was another milestone for my own Cobra: its 10th birthday. With that in mind, I decided it was a perfect occasion to create a website. This project was something I generally had wanted to undertake for quite awhile, but I really had two reasons for putting it together. The first was that I simply wanted to share all the documents (and knowledge?) I have collected, and what a better way to do it than with a web site. Second, I had just become really annoyed with the endless flow of bad information on the internet (and that is putting it politely)! It was the perfect time to get creative.

Just a warning though: you actually have to read if you are seeking information! If you prefer the back-and-forth banter of some Facebook group or a forum and would rather be spoon-fed instead of searching on your own, then maybe this isn't for you. In any case, there are a lot of links, along with images and documents that are very informative and well worth having (and reading!), especially if you are a fanatic about your own car. To quote a line from Fast Times at Ridgemont High: "Learn it, know it, live it".

Moving right along, there is no doubt the Terminator is a unique vehicle with an interesting production story and a cult-like following. Although many of the documents and information I will include on this site date back to 2003 and earlier, for a complete history, I can't recommend enough that you read Frank Moriarty's book, Iron Fist, Lead Foot to get the real inside story. Frank has a lot of great pictures and documents from his adventures in Dearborn, and saying it is worth reading is an understatement to say the least. Even better, there was a 10th Anniversary edition full-color, hardback edition released in January, 2016 - a must-have for any Terminator owner!

As for my site, the menu is located along the left side of each page and will take you to the corresponding section with a simple click. Each page will have various sub-sections, or additional pages, and may have a basic description of OEM components for comparison, plus a lot to download.  All the modifications I have performed are what suited me and my tastes, so this site is filled with them, and my opinions. I also won't boast about any street races or quarter-mile times, and I definitely will not refer to the car as a "Termi"! There are also no drag radials, solid-axle swaps, fuel system conversions, etc., etc., etc. in here. My modifications have been what I consider tasteful, and even better - they work perfectly...